Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Check Out My styling Work On Abc's Legal Fashionista

Legal Fashionista's Profile Legal Fashionista Ok people lets all be clear, The Sara Shulevitz Show is in fact a real production with a real crew behind it managing everything from this page to production and so on. With anything new there are always a few bumps in the road, and this is no exception. Please stay tuned and make sure you catch debut Episode on Thursday December 8th 6:30pm as per the network and an Encore on Monday December 12th as well as every Monday after!! ABC Live Well represents positive energy and uplifting women as u should. xoxo Super anxious and I know you guys are too! In the meantime become a fan of Legal Fashionista and stay tuned!!! Find your channel! Over the air 7.2 Time Warner 687, 163, 164 Verizon 467, 468 RCN 618, 321 Cablevision 729, 108, 117 Comcast-NJ 159, 157, 245, 246, 790 CT 247, 238
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